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Fort Leonard Wood

Press Releases

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  • Photo: Know Your World (1.55 MB)

    Community members participate in the 2016 Know Your World event at Fort Leonard Wood's Nutter Field House.
  • Press Release: Fort Leonard Wood’s Know Your World celebration to return (364.6 KB)

    More than 70 military officers from more than 30 different countries will come together to put on the 17th annual Know Your World event at Fort Leonard Wood's Nutter Field House, from 6 to 8 p.m., Aug. 25.
  • Photo: War-torn tree trunk (1.18 MB)

    Pfc. Muhammad Saadullah Bhalli, left, and Pvt. Kenneth Boykin, right, place their hands on the war-torn tree trunk and recite the Chemical Regimental motto, "Elementis Regamus Proelium." Photo Credit: Ms. Dawn M Arden
  • Photo: Crest pinning (1.03 MB)

    Pvt. Jah'marius Chisolm-Murray gets his Chemical Corps crest pinned to his collar by Lt. Col. Bryon Galbraith, 84th Chemical Battalion commander, during the Company B induction ceremony. Photo Credit: Ms. Dawn M Arden
  • Press Release: Soldiers inducted into Chemical Corps at Fort Leonard Wood (281.28 KB)

    Thirty-seven chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear Soldiers from Company B, 84th Chemical Battalion, were welcomed into the Chemical Regiment during a Regimental Induction Ceremony held Aug. 4 in the Chemical Memorial Grove.
  • Photo: Engineer with mine detection dog.jpg (1.75 MB)

    A Soldier in the Combat Engineer Mine Detection Dog Handlers Course directs his dog during an area-clearance and casualty-extraction exercise in the final week of testing Aug. 7. Upon graduation from the course, the dog teams are assigned to the 94th Engineer Detachment, 5th Engineer Battalion, at Fort Leonard Wood, the only combat engineer unit with mine-detection dogs in the Army and Department of Defense. (Photo Credit: Mr. Stephen Standifird)
  • Engineers, dogs learning new tricks at Fort Leonard Wood (287.47 KB)

    All engineer Soldiers train at Fort Leonard Wood, even the four-legged ones. Fort Leonard Wood is home to the Combat Engineer Mine Detection Dog Handlers Course, where combat engineers are trained side-by-side with mine detection dogs, said Sgt. 1st Class John Martin, course noncommissioned officer in charge. The 708-hour course, which earns the engineer the additional skills identifier of K9, begins by pairing one Soldier with multiple dogs to find the right combination to make a good team, Martin said.
  • Photo: Demolition Engineer Reunion (1.91 MB)

    Bruce Goll and Richard Hilton, who served with the 275th Engineer Company Atomic Demolition Munitions, look at a V-100 "Commando" armored car during their ADM reunion tour of the Fort Leonard Wood museum July 29. (Photo credit: Martha Yoshida, Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office)
  • Press Release: Fort Leonard Wood hosts demolition engineer reunion (43.88 KB)

    After World War II, a new state of geopolitical tension, known as the Cold War, emerged between the strongest superpowers at the time, the United States and the Soviet Union. The battle was one of ideas and economics, where Western democracies set out to protect world stability and freedom from the constraints of communist control. Though neither side wanted to fight each other directly, the U.S. Army formed several units, starting at the U.S. Army Engineer Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, in the 1950s, recruiting combat engineers for the military occupational specialty of Atomic Demolition Munitions.
  • Photo: Joint Services Color Guard, Purple Heart Monument (2.07 MB)

    A Joint Services Color Guard from Fort Leonard Wood retires the colors following the unveiling of a new Purple Heart Monument at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Fort Leonard Wood. The monument was dedicated Monday by the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 140. (Photo credit: Marti Yoshida, Public Affairs Office)
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